Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William - finally after 8 years.

love really conquers all

p/s: owh did i forgot to say that i love kate's wed dress. it's totally undoubtedly gorgeous!  i love the veil, the lace, the tiara, the hand bouquet, the ring. everything! plain simple but very beautiful. love it! =)

kate & william - the vows.

"I William Arthur Phillip Louis take thee Catherine Elizabeth to my wedded wife to have and to hold from this day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Till death us do part. According to God's holy law. And thereto I give thee my troth."

"I Catherine Elizabeth take thee William Arthur Phillip Louis to my wedded husband to have and to hold from this day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Till death us do part. According to God's holy law. And thereto I give thee my troth."

i totally <3 this part:

For better for worse. 
For richer, for poorer. 
In sickness and health. 
To love and cherish. 
Til death do us part .

kate & will love chronology

The Love Story between Prince William and Kate Middleton, a Perfect Presentation of Romantic Fairytale

Have you ever wondered a couple who met in college nearly 10 years ago and then a year after became room mates. The bonding between Prince Williams and Kate or Catherine Middleton is definitely called a whirlwind romance. It all started with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland where both of them studied history majors and then later Prince Williams changed his focus to Geography. It was during that time when Prince Williams purchased a $200 ticket for the front row just to cheer Kate who is a model in the show.
Not many years were passed, when Kate and Prince William moved into an apartment with two of their college pals from St. Andrews. It was a trip to the Swiss Alps where the couple confirmed their romance. That time Prince Williams was asked by the reporter, “when can we see you getting married?” and Prince replied, “I don’t want to get married until I am at least 30″.
Prince Williams have been awaited and expected for many years and now eventually he is walking into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony with her long time girlfriend Kate Middleton, with whom he is for past eight years.
The British Royal Family then announced that the wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton will be held on April 29th, 2011 i.e. today in the Westminster Cathedral. Prince William had already given her mom Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring to his fiancĂ©e Kate Middleton. This wedding is the most ceremonious event for the British Royal Family in thirty years.
It was in October in Kenya during their private holiday when the couple got engaged and this news was informed by Prince himself to the Queen and other members of the family.
This post is a dedication to the most lovely couple of the century, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. I have read a lot about these two and so just wanted to review the romantic love story between them in front of my readers.
September, 2001
William and Kate met each other for the first time while studying in the department of Creative Arts in the University of St Andrews, Scotland. It was during this time when William was bowled over and attracted by Kate’s stunning look because of her lovely gray brown skin and beautiful hair in the campus.
March, 2002
There was a student run charity show organised in the campus where William paid $200 just to grab the front row seat so that he can cheer his all time crush walking on the ramp.
September, 2002
It was during this time when Kate gained a lot of recognition from the Royal Family because of her involvement in number of social works. In October, 2002 both William and Kate became room mates where they shared the flat with two of their colleagues from the same University.
June, 2003
Kate made her first public appearance. In June, 2003, Kate went to watch a Rugby match with Prince William. William denied to the media that he was dating Kate Middleton, but even then the Media did not wanted to miss the opportunity to seize the perfect moment. It was during this match when numerous intimate pictures of William and Kate were published in the newspapers of the world.
March, 2004
Both of them for the first time went on a Holiday and were photographed together in the famous ski resort of Switzerland. The media once again grabbed the opportunity and asked numerous questions to the couple regarding their wedding plans.
June, 2005
Both William and Kate graduated from the University and for the first time both the families met each other at their congratulatory luncheon. Queen Elizabeth II was also present their and Media reported all the news paper with the headlines next day stating, “Queen came to see her future grand daughter – in – law”
December, 2006
Kate attended the graduation ceremony held by the Military Academy where William studied and the entire military crew greeted Kate as the princess in waiting and William’s friends greeted her as Queen Kate of the future.
April, 2007
Both Prince William and Kate split in a peaceful way. William decided that his primary choice would be only military and nothing else. He also decided during that time that he will not be getting married early. Kate was deeply hurt when the news of William being involved with various sex scandals were revealed during that time.
June, 2007
The young lovers decided that they will give a second chance to their relationship and decided to make up again. As a result of celebration, they flew to the Desroches Island for enjoying a romantic holiday.
April, 2008
Kate was given a nick name “Waity Kate” by the British people when she attended William’s Royal Air force graduation ceremony.
October, 2010
After the eight year long relationship, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to stay faithfully with each other from now on, they got engaged during their private holiday in Kenya. It was eventually a perfect end for their fairytale like love story.
So this is how the fairy tale love story ended and gave rise to a new relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince Williams. I hope them all the best for their new life and may God bless the wonderful couple ever after.

Friday, April 29, 2011

love quote

some quotes that i <3 n would like to share with all ('-')

 Edmund Spenser, 1552-1599
And all for love, and nothing for reward.

Thomas Campion, 1567-1620
Never love unless you can bear with all the faults of man!

John Keats, 1795-1821
You are always new,Publish Post
The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1900-1944
Life has taughts us that love does not consist of gazing at each other, but looking outward in the same direction.

Voltaire, 1694-1778
Love those who love you.

Sophocles, c. 496-406 BC
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love.

Plautus, c.254-184 BC
Spice a dish with love and it pleases every palate.

Robert Browning, 1812-1889
Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.

Plato, c. 428-348
Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the gods.

Benjamin Disraeli, 1804-1881
The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end.

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616
Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind...

Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790
If you want to be loved, love and be loveable.

From the film Don Juan DeMarco, 1995
"There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio.
What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made?
What is worth living for? What is worth dying for?
The answer to each is the same. Only love."

Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862
There is no remedy for love than to love more.

George Sands, 1894-1876
There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

Mark Twain, 1835-1910
When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.

The Best Portion Of A Good Man's Life, William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
The best portion of a good man's life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts,
Of kindness and of love.

Paul Tillich
The first duty of love is to listen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

oh! so sweet.

reese pink wedding dress was super duper sweet! love it =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DATING with 2 abang police. amazing!

+++mula-mula date dgn sorang je abang polis

+++pastu baru perasan ada lg sorang abang pulis yang datang

+++walaupon jalan tak jem sangat tp abang polis tetap sudi datang "date" dengan saya

+++2 orang sekaligus pulak tu! (nampak ke ada 2 org tu?kalo tak nampak tandanya dah tak lama lagi la tu. so better cakap nampak ;p)

+++nampakkkkkkk takkkkkkk???comel kan abang pulisi saye *wink-wink*

+++ok nah. kalau tak nampak jugak xtau la.

okeh. itu saja cerita saya dabel date dengan 2 abang polis di hari valentine. (-.-)v

p/s: saya memang suka tengok trapik condition kt dpn opis saya. tapi sayang, abang pulis xpenah nampak kewujudan saya yang melambai-lambai dengan bersungguh-sungguh tiap kali diorg duty. saddd ;(((

Monday, February 14, 2011

inspired by...

smlm g release tensen sbb tak pernah rasa sakit hati mcm ni. so nak elak feeling2 sedey so aku pn g kamdar g borong kain. dah beli satu chiffon utk buat dress. this is one of the color that i bought yesterday. agak brp ek kos kalau nak tempah baju camni? duit jangan citer sbb bila saya stress saya akan jadi "beruang yang bermurah hati untuk mendermakan duit saya ke jalan yang lagha". heheheh

p/s: bila rasa sedey je buang duit, bila stress je buang duit. ada idea x camne nak tukar dr sedey ke generate income???nak cari duit nak beli bag yg rege dia 3k. whatthe!

update: kalau aku ckp aku nak beg 3k mst ada org ckp aku minah materialistik. sebenarnye aku cuma nak...malu la nak cakap...nak beg yang diberi oleh org yg tersayang ;p sila muntah ye ayat mcm nak kena lempang laju2, hahahah

untuk sesiapa yang berkenaan

kalau rasa2 tak boleh tunaikan janji sila jangan beri harapan yang indah. kelak membakar orang lain. sabar ada hadnya sebab ni melibatkan implikasi untuk banyak pihak. (kalau dlm construction libatkan implikasi kos, masa dan tenaga)

p/s: consultant2 dlm bidang construction ni selalu sangat janji nak submit tu nak submit ni. kita ni tunggu la dia dengan sabar sbb dah janji yang manis2 oleh si mulut manis. tp by the time dateline, nan hadooo jahhh! last mini baru nak buat. (teringat zaman jahiliyah jadi consultant). ni metaphor utk relate dengan apa yang ada dalam ini hati.

***kepala dan hati sudaaa letak itu batu juga dalammm. dah keras macam concrete grade 25 dgn brc A8. jgn harap dapat kurangkan "kekerasan" dia. i dah blajar structure youuu. auuuuwwwww...